Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to zipline?

  • $60 per person for the 6 line course
  • $80 per person for the 9 line course
  • $95 per person for the 9 line challenge course with 2 sky bridges

What are your hours of operation?

  • We are open Thursday - Sunday by reservation only. We book tours every 2 hours and they differ from day to day so please call ahead. 

How long has New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures been in business?

  • We opened  our ZipLine course in 2008.   We were the FIRST Zipline course in all of North Texas.   Since that time, we have had "Thousands" of Happy Zipline Guests.

Is there a weight limit to zipline?

  • yes, the weight limit for women is 225 pounds and 275 pounds for men. Many people are curious as to why their is a difference between the limit set for men and women. It is simply because men and women carry their weight differently. Women tend to not have the same upper body strength as men.

What is the age limit?

  • guest 5 and up can zipline at our facility

What should I wear to Zipline?

  • Comfortable clothing.....pants, capris, shorts.....longer shorts are recommended.
  • Closed toed shoes and NO flip flops.  
  •  Pony tail holder for longer hair.

Is a deposit required?

  • Yes. A 30.00 deposit is required at the time of booking your Zipline Tour with a balance due upon arrival.  
  • The deposit is non-refundable due to missed appointments/late arrival. A 24 hour notice is to be given to cancel a reservation in order to get a refund.

Will I need to sign a waiver?

  • Yes. Every participant will sign a waiver upon arrival. Anyone under 18 will need a parent or guardian over 18 with them to sign their waiver.

Do I need a reservation?

  • Yes, we are reservation only. Sometimes reservations can be made the same day.   Your reservation can be made by calling 903.681.3791

Are there any restrictions to zipline?

  • YES!  There will be some hiking on steep elevations. This course is not designed for anyone that cannot climb stairs, pregnant women, anyone with heart problems, blindness, hearing impaired or any other illness or medications  that may hinder your zipline adventure. Please notify the staff of any medications you may be taking that may also hinder your Zipline adventure

Can I bring my pet with me?

  • We do not allow animals to be brought onto the premises unless for medical reasons and they are wearing the proper identification.