New York, Texas  ZipLine Adventures is located in the New York Community at  Shultz Mountain Ranch.  The 1910 Historical Home was relocated from nearby Jacksonville, Texas in 2001 by the owners, Charles & Connie Shultz.   The home has been restored to its present condition and is occupied by the Shultz family.  The homesite has breathtaking panoramic views and abundant wildlife and sits atop the highest elevation in east Texas. 

The Shultz's have 3 grown children, Chad, Carson & Carley and  now the newest family member, Case Shultz who was born in Dec. 2011.  And who could forget  Winston, the families boxer dog who loves to greet everyone who visits and he just might tag along on an occasional  zipline tour.  Nature was left undisturbed as much as possible to enhancean adventure tour of a lifetime.   Each guest has the opportunity to experience  the natural beauty of the steep, rocky hillside  while zipping through the tree tops.  

Before designing and building the zipline course, the owner Charles, was in the Structural Moving business for most of his life,  in which he specialized in moving historical structures. 

Come join us on a THRILLING ZipLine tour and experience TEXAS Style  hospitality first hand as you relax on the large wrap around porch,  visit the whimsical little gift shop and see the most spectacular property in East Texas!