From Tyler, Tx.  ---- Hwy. 155 ( about 35-40 min)
* Take Hwy. 155 from Tyler, Tx. -- Look for a "Fat Dog Liquor Store" on right and just a bit past it.... and turn RIGHT on FM 3506.  You will travel approx. 3 miles and turn left at the blinking light onto FM 315.    Approx.....4 - 5 miles you will take a RIGHT on CR 4336.  (Look for sharp curve in road).   Once you are on 4336 you will travel approx. 3-4 miles and turn RIGHT on CR 4328.    We are located 1 mile on left and there will be a sign on the gate.   
 ** If you are using a will have you turn at a cemetery. DO NOT TURN at the cemetery! **

From  Chandler, Tx. --- FM 315 South  (about 20 - 25 min.)
* South on  FM 315... cross a long bridge and approx. 3 miles or so to a blinking light...Keep right at the blinking light and continue
   on  FM 315. (toward Poynor)
*  Approx.  5 miles, you will come to a sharp curve to the left, you will turn right in that  curve on CR 4336.  (There will be a Carlton Edwards
    builder sign on the fence on the right hand side of the road close to a white house.)
*   Approx. 3 miles or so,  (second road past cemetery..... DO NOT  turn at cemetery)
    turn right on  CR 4328.  There will be a small yellow sign in a tree (GoZipTexas)
*   New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures  is located 1 mile on left.   Steep paved driveway.  

From  Athens, Tx. --- Hwy. 175 East  (about 20 min.)
*  Hwy. 175 E to Baxter (where the divided Hwy. comes together to two lanes)  Turn left on FM 804.
*  Approx. 1 1/2 mile the road will come to a "T".  Turn right at the "T" and continue on  FM 804 until you get to a "Y" and a stop sign  
   in the road.
*  Turn right at the "Y" and stop sign onto  FM 607. 
*  There will be a feed store on the left....immediately following the feed store there is a road behind a white church. 
   (New York Baptist Church and cemetery)   It is FM 4334.
*  Take  FM 4334 to the left and the church and cemetery will be on the "right side" of your car.
*  Follow FM 4334 to the very end and you will come to a "T".
*  Take a left at the "T" on  FM 4336.  (there may not be a road sign for  CR 4336)
*  The very next road on the left is CR 4328....turn left and New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures  is 1 mile on left. (steep paved driveway)

 **If you miss your turn on FM 804 .....continue on  Hwy. 175 to LaRue.  Turn left on Loop 60  (there will be a closed down gas station and a new restaurant at this turn). 
Just past a new privacy fence on the left,  turn left on FM 4336.  Continue for several miles on  FM 4336 to CR 4328.   Turn left on CR 4328 and New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures is 1 mile on left. (steep paved driveway) . **

From Frankston, Tx. --- Intersection Hwy. 155 & Hwy. 175   (About 20 minutes)
* Hwy. 175  West to Poynor, Tx. 
*  at blinking light,  turn right on  FM 315 (there will be a gas station on the right side.)
*  Continue on  FM 315  for approx. 5 miles to CR 4336 and turn left, there will be a white frame house on left. ( The road will  make a sharp curve to the right  and your turn is to the left.  
* approx. 3 miles turn right on CR 4328, ( it is the second street past the cemetery....DO NOT turn right at the cemetery)  
*  New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures is located on CR 4328 - 1 mile on the left. (steep paved driveway)